The course adjusts the teaching progress according to the students’ own level and interests and develops the students’ artistic potential.




Parent-child class is a happy time for children and parents to share handmade together. Accompanied by their parents, children make their favorite works together. We offer a variety of craft classes. Examples: dyeing paper, headwear making, DIY soap, alcohol painting, balsamic vinegar wax flakes, etc. 亲子课是一个孩子和父母共同相处的分享手作的快乐时光。孩子在家长的陪伴下共同制作自己喜欢的作品。我们提供多样的手工课。例如:染纸、头饰制作、DIY 香皂、酒精画、香熏醋蜡片等。

Craft 手工课

Our crafting classes offer crafting lessons in a variety of durations, materials and themes. For example, paper dyeing, headdress making, DIY soap, alcohol painting, aromatherapy vinegar wax sheet, shrink sheet key chain, Christmas bag, paper puppy, wool felt painting, cloth bag painting, T-shirt painting, etc.我们的手工课提供多种时长、多种材质和主题的手工课。例如染纸、头饰制作、DIY 香皂、酒精画、香熏醋蜡片、热缩片钥匙扣、圣诞手提袋、纸小狗、羊毛毡画、布袋画、T-shirt画等。

Sketching & Painting 美术基础课素描色彩和透视设计

Basic art courses We provide sketching, gouache, acrylic, oil painting, perspective, font design and creation courses of different levels of difficulty according to the children’s foundation. It also provides professional college entrance examination counseling and art university application preparation counseling. 美术基础课我们根据孩子们的基础提供不同水平难度的素描、水粉、丙烯、油画、透视、字体设计和创作课的教学。也提供专业的高考辅导和艺术类大学申请作品准备辅导。

Drawing & Painting 儿童绘画课

Children’s painting classes We provide classes for boys and girls. Boys and girls have different interests. We will combine children’s characteristics to learn painting with different materials and materials, such as colored lead painting, oil pastel painting, and marker pen painting, watercolor and acrylic paintings. In the class, children will also be guided and trained to create their own original works, encouraging and stimulating children’s imagination and innovative spirit. Draw works that belong to him (her). I believe every child is a unique artist. 儿童绘画课我们提供男娃课和女娃课,男娃和女娃的兴趣点不太一样,我们会结合孩子的特点学习不同材质和材料的绘画,例如彩铅画、油画棒画、马克笔画、水彩画和丙烯画。在课中还会引导和培养孩子们创作出属于自己的原创作品,鼓励激发孩子们的想象力、和创新精神。画出属于他(她)们心中作品。我相信每个孩子都独特的艺术家。

Adult Painting & Crafts 成人绘画和手工课

Our adult classes offer crafting and painting lessons in a variety of lengths, materials and themes. Handcraft classes such as tiara making, DIY soap, alcohol painting, balsamic vinegar wax flakes, wool felt painting, paper roses, bracelet weaving, etc. Painting lessons We offer gouache, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting lessons. 我们的成人课提供多种时长、多种材质和主题的手工课和绘画课。手工课例如头饰制作、DIY 香皂、酒精画、香熏醋蜡片、羊毛毡画、纸玫瑰、编手链等。绘画课我们提供水粉、水彩、丙烯和油画课。

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